Day Trip to David Panama

Today was just a crazy day of scrambling around to get my transportation straightened out.

I decided to postpone the Mexico leg of my trip because of how much I’m struggling with my Spanish in Panama where it is supposed to be night and day easier than the places in Mexico that I had intended to go.

Started the day by driving down to David airport to try to get my Copa Flight linked up to my United flight so my luggage would make it all the way from David to Omaha just to find out that that can’t be done there. 😟

The drive to David was wild because I was using Waze, it sent me the wrong way down a one-way Street tried to get me to make a left-hand turn on a street with no left hand turns but I did finally make it to the airport.

So I had to change my flight from David to Panama City to Friday from Saturday which means I also had to get my covid test a day earlier and book another nights stay in Panama City. Rushed back to Boquete, got my covid test and while I was waiting for the results had some coffee and bacon quiche on a terrace at The Perfect Pair Coffee & Chocolate overlooking Central Ave in Boquete.

Results negative, hooray! Ran up into the cloud forest to by coffee to bring back. Pictures are mostly from that drive Hustled back to the Airbnb to cancel my Mexico flight and after multiple attempts I got my Copa Flight moved to Friday. Arranged to drop my rental car in a day earlier and reschedule my ride to the airport.

All said and done only took me from 8:00 this morning till 4:30 this afternoon. 😤 Grabbed dinner at Big Daddy’s in Bouquete, had their boom boom chicken, Coca-Cola and for dessert I tried the churros. Complete sugar overload! Rush back to Airbnb to pack, put up this post and get ready for the journey back to the States. I have loved my time down here and look forward to my return trip as soon as possible.

Dinner in Bajo Boquete

I didn’t get out much today, had to have the rental car looked at. Was able to catch dinner at Casa Vieja in Bajo Boquete where I had a delicious garlic grilled fish dinner with spicy fried potatoes and an iced tea. There were a group of expats that gathered and started playing on a variety of different percussion instruments. The restaurant is an open-air style where you’re basically outside with a roof over your head and just as I finished eating I experienced an earthquake. According to the Facebook groups there were four earthquakes ranging from 4.9 to 7.0 off the Costa Rican Coast.

Tuesday Gringo Market

Started the day by visiting the Tuesday gringo market. Found me a Panamanian style hat. Then wandered over to City Central square to the buckle tip coffee shop. Got me a nice cup of local coffee. Bumped into a couple of expats, Vern and Tim, had a pleasant conversation with them they had plenty of tips and advice. Tim then gave me a tour of the park that they are building in downtown Boquete. After a good day in the sun went to Soberson’s Cafe in Alto bouquete. Picture, I put this in here just for Grayson, was a $10 meal with a great view of Jaramillio. I had heard that the coke that they make in Central and South America taste different because they use cane sugar so I tried one. The taste is noticeably different and I like it better

Exporing Volcan

Drove over to the western side of the volcano today. These are pictures on the road to and in the town of Volcan. Stopped for lunch at The Wandering Sloth. It came recommended in some of the Facebook groups that I follow. Had a nice conversation with the owner, Nancy. The meal is fresh fried shrimp on a bun with a pineapple slice and coleslaw. The drink is crushed passion fruit and ice water.

Playa de Hermosa

Had a hard time finding the beaches. An epic planning failure. It’s not like the United States Coast where you could see the beaches from the highway. You have all these little two-lane and one-lane roads to drive on to try to find the beaches. On my next trip here I’ll have to get specific directions to particular beaches. I did find this one and it was Playa de Hermosa

Boca Chica, Panama

A couple of pictures from my beach run today. You could feel the air just getting heavier as I went down the mountain towards the Pacific. And it was hot and humid there today. And of course my daily picture of my meal. This consists of a Maui Maui fillet of grilled vegetables and they called it coleslaw, it was cabbage-based but it was a very peppery sauce that was extremely tasty!