Panama Relocation Tours


As I began planning in the Fall of 2020 to find a place to retire outside of my native United States, I came across Panama Relocation Tours YouTube videos with informational videos about various areas of Panama and testimonials about the tours. There were so many positive testimonials that I checked out the Panama Relocation Tours website founded by Jackie Lange and found she offered a free 8-part email series about living and retiring in Panama. The email series was full of helpful information, and I recommend subscribing even if you are only mildly interested in Panama.

She also offers 6-day, 7-night all-inclusive tours of Panama, beginning in Panama City and working westward, stopping and exploring various towns along the way and finishing in Boquete. During these tours, you will be introduced to affordable and wonderful lifestyle options available when you retire in Panama. The one flat fee for the Tour includes all ground transportation, all hotels, all meals between check-in and check-out day, a domestic flight back to Panama City, plus all the information you need to relocate to Panama the easy way. Unfortunately, because of the COVID pandemic, there was a backlog of people trying to book these tours when I wanted to visit Panama. Then Jackie introduced the Online Guide, which presents the same information disseminated during the all-inclusive tours. In addition, the online guide has contacts of private tour guides who specialize in specific regions, so I booked two days with a personal guide to explore the areas I am most interested in relocating. I bought the online guide, which Jackie constantly updates with new or changing information. I used the online and its tremendous wealth of knowledge and contacts to plan my Panama trip. My initial reaction was that the guide was expensive. However, now that I have accessed and seen what is included, I have to say it is without a doubt a good investment for anyone considering visiting Panama. You don’t honestly know what you don’t know until you browse all the sections included in the online guide.