Video tour of AirBnB

Panamanian Dinner plate

Here are links to videos showing my casita. That contraption for a showerhead at the end of the longer video is commonly referred to as a “suicide shower” those are 110v wires leading up to it, and it heats the water there. No hot water elsewhere in the casita.

Inside tour of AirBnB
Outside tour of AirBnB

I had intended to rent a car for the remainder of my stay, BUT there are no rentals available until after I leave. 😟 I guess I should’ve researched that better. So I walked up the mountain to the main road to the fruit and vegetable stand nearby, grabbed a bunch of fruits and vegetables, came back, and had those for lunch. Unfortunately, dinner turned out to be a bust as well. A nearby restaurant that I had not been to yet was shut down when I got there, so I went back to the same local place I was at a couple of days ago and got a similar meal, strawberry juice instead of mango tonight.