Walk About Bajo Boquete

My first day in Panama without my guide. After church took a walk down to Bajo Boquete, Panama, I grabbed a pastry and coffee at a well-recommended shop, Sugar and Spice, on the main strip and meandered down to the town square. I enjoyed some people watching there as well as the beautiful blue skies with their white clouds as I looked to the north and the Caribbean side. Then I noticed the temperature was rapidly dropping, so I turned around and looked south towards the Pacific, and dark skies and rain clouds were rolling in fast. I tried to beat the storm by heading back up the mountain, but I didn't make it. I got rained on for about 40 minutes of my walk. After I got back up on the Alto Boquete and the rains stopped, I went to a local Panamanian restaurant about a 2-minute walk from my Airbnb and grabbed dinner. I got headed back just a time to watch it rain again, and now I'm sitting on the front patio enjoying a cold drink of water and watching the clouds fall on the town.

road down to Bajo from Alto Boquete
pastry and coffee
fruit and vegtables stands near central plaza
Storms clouds coming in
Street vendor in central plaza
Bus stop waiting out the rain
Caldera River
Dinner plate
man and his horse
storm clouds
clouds descended onto the ground
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