Guided Tour in David and Volcan Panama

Landed in David, Panama this morning and Gerardo my private tour guide picked me up at the gate. He took me up to Volcan and we stopped for some local coffee at Black Mountain Coffee shop. We also saw Cerro Punta, Bambito, and Guadalupe all on the western side of Volcan Baru the highest point in Panama. We dropped the luggage off at my Airbnb in Alto Boquete then Gerardo gave me a brief pre-tour drive-by of downtown Bajo Boquete. Had Gerardo drop me off so I could walk around downtown before climbing back up the mountain to my Airbnb. TIRED thanks to Fitbit I see that I have as many steps today as I normally get in a whole week and these were all either up or downhill no flat areas. Looking forward to my last tour day tomorrow. Gerardo is going to take me through all the towns on the eastern side of Baru Volcan with Boquete. Oh, the strawberries are from Guadalupe and they are terrific. They remind me of the ones I used to snitch from my grandma’s garden as a kid.

cup of brewed coffee
lunch in Cerro Punta
menu at Cerro Punta
Fresh fruit drink
view of valley from Baru
view of valley from Baru
view of valley from Baru
Waterfall near Volcan Baru
Gazebo in Central Plaza
Central Plaza Bajo Boquete
Downtown Bajo Boquete
Bridge over Caldera River
Caldera River
Flower park in Boquete
Road from Alto to Bajo Boquete
Boquete sign
Alto Boquete highway
cloud forest